Friday, August 05, 2011

New Theatre in New Cross

A new fringe theatre space is opening in New Cross next month. The London Theatre will be in The Lower Space, 443 New Cross Road, SE14 6TA.

Or at least it will be called that unless a kind sponsor comes forward who wants to donate a sizeable sum and have a theatre named after them!

They already have a programme planned of 'plays, sketch shows and stand up comedy in the evening and daytime shows for children and some great workshops for adults', but they are also interested in other ideas you may have. The space will also be available for hire for rehearsals etc.

There's going to be a New Cross Comedy Club on 29th September, and a performance of Chekhov's The Bear in Russian (Медведь, А.Чехов) on 2nd October, among other things.

Further details, call 0208 694 1888, email or check out the website.

443 is New Cross Road is about half way between the Amersham Arms and The Royal Albert on the other side of the road. It's painted black and I think has served as a recording studio and nightclub at various times.

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harry said...

hiya, it is also the training centre for The London Comedy Course which teaches stand up comedy in association with Up The Creek in Greenwich.

It is the black building and next door to us, a art gallery is being built, so all looking good on New Cross Road (Deptford end)