Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Perienne Christian

Brockley-based artist Perienne Christian was interviewed in The Standard this week, as the last person to model for the recently departed Lucian Freud. 'Freud's final muse... was the last in a long line of sitters to spend hours under the forensic gaze of the artist who died last month at the age of 88. Ms Christian, herself an artist, today told the Standard of the "fun" and "mischief" of working for one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. She developed a close friendship with the painter outside the studio despite the 60-year age gap... She said: "I have lost a great friend. On a personal level he was great fun to be with, always full of lively conversation; stories of mischief and intrigue" (Standard 2 August 2011).

Christian's own works owe something to her SE London location, albeit an area transfigured in her drawings to a slightly more visionary landscape populated by Edenic figures. This fine example is called 'Horniman Gardens with Tulips':

© Perienne Christian

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