Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heaven, Baby

The Harts Lane Community Studio is an empty garage in the road next to Sainsburys in New Cross, one of the vacant Lewisham Council buildings recently occupied by People Before Profit.

Yesterday they had a one day Pop-up Arts Show there ('Heaven, Baby'), along with an impromptu street party complete with food and bands playing on the roof just like The Beatles' last gig.

Work by Andrew Clarke
I only caught the end of it, but there was some strong work on display. It wasn't labelled so I'm not quite sure who produced what  -so if I've got any of the attributions wrong please let me know.

A Rachel House piece - punk icons Patti Smith, Ari Up and Poly Styrene:
 'To be normal is not a healthy aspiration'

Installation by Katie Surridge

Painting by Boudicca Collins

If nothing else, the event highlighted how empty buildings can be quickly transformed into interesting social spaces with a bit of imagination and daring.

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