Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skeletal punks 1991 and 2012

As discussed at Transpontine before, the Lewisham Arthouse building on Lewisham Way was a library until 1991 and was sporadically used for squat parties until the Arthouse took over in 1994. There was a Spiral Tribe party there in November 1991, and now I have come across this flyer for another 'free party' there on Saturday 28th September 1991.  'Live bands' were promised and the look of the flyer suggests it was probably fairly punky. Anyone remember it or other similar parties?

Then I came across this poster for a forthcoming gig at the New Cross Inn. On 5th May 2012 'Si and Breno celebrate 70 years with friends, bands and beers', with bands including Extinction of Mankind. Very similar skeletal crust punk imagery - could the same person be designing flyers in New Cross over a twenty year period? If you are the artist(s) let me know.


Si SFC said...

Flyer for NEWCROSS INN gig was drawn by Skinny who has recently started putting ink to paper after a lengthly Hiatus. He has done artwork previously for bands such as: DOOM, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, HELLBASTARD, FILTHKICK, RAW NOISE and more recently flyers for THE SCUMFEST CREW, DEATHDROP SQUAT (RIP) and the gig you have pictured. Hope to see ya there. ; D

Transpontine said...

Cheers Si, I have seen some of the scumfest flyers and recognised the style. But is there any way that Skinny could have done that 1990s flyer too?