Monday, April 02, 2012

Music Monday: Basement Jaxx

In terms of dance music, Basement Jaxx (Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton) must be the biggest act to come out of South London - particularly in terms of their sustained output over 15 years and more. I heard Felix on BBC Radio 6 over the weekend, and they are working on a new album.

Basement Jaxx built their reputation putting on various legendary nights in Brixton in the mid/late 90s: at the George IV on Brixton Hill, the Junction (Loughborough Junction) and later the Telegraph (their Rooty nights).

For much of this time their studio has been in Loughborough Junction, in the Shakespeare Business Centre on the corner of Shakespeare Road and Coldharbour Lane. Earlier this year, they played a benefit at JAMM in Brixton for the Triangle Adventure Playground Association.

Their most explict tribute to the local area was the Camberwell EP released in 2000 under the name Banana Krew. Tracks include: I Live in Camberwell (with lines including "I live in Camberwell, she lives in Brixton" and "On the streets of Camberwell, the tramps are coming at me". Also includes great ice cream van breakdown.

and Camberskank:

They have also recorded a track called Camberwell Skies.

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