Friday, April 27, 2012

Anti-BNP Cavalcade in Lewisham

Tomorrow morning a Unite Against Fascism cavalcade will set off from Lewisham clock tower and head to Brixton and beyond. They say:

 'UAF is organising a cavalcade across several London boroughs on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April as part of the campaign against the fascist British National Party in the London elections.We will be touring London to get the vote out against the BNP, which is aiming to secure a seat through the ‘top-up list’ in the elections for the Greater London Assembly. The danger is that the fascist party could regain a seat on the GLA with just 5% of the vote. This means it is very important to use your vote – casting your vote for other parties will help drive down the BNP’s percentage of the total poll.

We will be distributing thousands of leaflets to voters in busy parts of town and the cavalcade of vehicles will have live music from Love Music Hate Racism – including dhol drumming from the Dhol Foundation and soul, gospel and rap from Blessed Souls. We will be getting the message across loud and clear – use your vote against the BNP'.

It starts off tomorrow at 11am at the Clock Tower in centre, and will be opposite Brixton tube station around noon before heading off across London to Southall.

Further details here

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