Friday, April 13, 2012

Into the blue

A little teaser -where is this mysterious blue labyrinth?
And what lies at the end of it?

Update, Monday 16 April:

As a couple of people identified correctly in the comments thread, this passageway is on Watergate Street, Deptford and leads to Watergate stairs down to the River Thames (or the beach at low tide).

The wooden passageway has been constructed to maintain access during the building works at the adjacent Paynes and Borthwick Wharves site. Work has restarted there after a delay of several years, and the passageway has been repainted blue. It gives the approach to the river a certain majesty, though the previous paint scheme had a certain poetry too - white boards extensively decorated by local youths for whom this is a place to hang out:


Anonymous said...

Is it that passage in the construction site next to Convoys Wharf leading to the Thames without being able to continue from there?

Deptford dame said...

The end of Watergate Street leading to the river.

Ron Madsky said...

Well spotted that man. Watergate passage it is. Portal to the foreshore and the parallel world of possibility beyond.