Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Cross Gate Street Art

I went out with my camera last week to capture some nice graffiti on New Cross Gate station, but it had already been painted out. 

Not sure why they bothered, a cute image saying 'smile' was hardly offensive. Luckily Nigel of Bermondsey had already got a photo of it:

Anyway there was plenty more still to see in the immediate vicinity. If you come out of the station, turn left, and then look over the wall, you will see this fine piece, or rather pieces, as I believe it is the work of at least three separate people/crews. There is the first New Cross appearance of the white stag (previously spotted in Lewisham - see here and here), looks like it was painted on the background of some pre-existing graffiti. Then somebody has painted a tree above it (signed 'seven'). For more on the white stag, keep an eye on Wildcornerz.

On the other side of the road there's this piece, signed 'Bad Cat 175' among others. What does ADNS stand for? The clue is is in the line written above the big letters: 'Always Doin' Night Shift 2012'.

Next to it there's a big eye, signed 'nem' as was the painted out 'smile' figure on the station: 

Something completely different next to the Hobgoblin pub, painted vegetables mural at Dig This Nursery Garden Centre:

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I spied the stag hidden away there a few months ago and then i guess someone came along and painted the tree in response to it. You can see the stag from the platform to.